Monday, August 31, 2009

there she goes

Hey, see that kid up there? The one with the fuzzy skirt and the Cthulhu backpack? The one who grew up in the blink of an eye? That's my kid, and she's in kindergarten.

Yes, today was the small one's first day of school. Alarm clocks went off, french toast was eaten, a sappy note was tucked into a chartreuse lunch box and a tiny little girl walked off into the world without us.

We've been waiting so long for this day. Now that it's here I find myself at once breathing a sigh of relief and wondering where the time went. Wasn't she just learning the alphabet yesterday? Isn't she too little to ride the bus? Where the hell did these size 12 shoes come from? I've feared becoming one of those clinging, blubbering mothers who can't let go. You know, the ones who wail "They grow up so fast!" and use words like "blossoming." Yet, alas, here I am saying goodbye to my kiddo, mostly proud and excited, but a small (teeny tiny) part of me wishing she didn't have to go. I didn't cry, but I am mom enough to admit that I teared up just a little as she walked away. Just a little.

They really do grow up so fast.

P.S. As we were dropping her off, another child asked me if I have purple hair because I'm a mad scientist. I said yes.


  1. Awww. Wow, how's that make you feel, really? I mean, deep down inside...

    P.S. Nice! I love it when kids ask about weird hair colors. It's always best to give them funny answers, but you didn't even have to because the kid gave himself his own crazy answer.

  2. Parenting turns your insides to mush.

    And while I'm used to getting questions from people of all ages about my hair, that was by far the strangest and funniest one yet.

  3. I cannot get over how big she is!!!! Did mommy make the backpack? It kinda looks like she is about to be eaten by Cthulu. I love it!

  4. its cliche but true. they do grow up FAST! my little guy started first grade today :) LOVE her commentary and your pix.

    ps- i LOVE your purple hair :)