Tuesday, March 20, 2012

goodbye, little friend

A while after Queen Victoria died of old age in 2010, we adopted Wendolyn and her sister, Coraline. They, like their predecessors, made a charming pair; Wendy, the sweet, gentle soul who would eat treats from my hand and fall asleep on my chest while cuddling on the sofa, and Coraline, the rambunctious, ambitious escape artist who loves her exercise wheel and anything remotely edible. I love them both to bits.

Today, after a surgical procedure to remove a rapidly growing tumor near her hind leg, Wendy's little heart stopped. We are so sad to see her go. I feel as though we didn't have enough time with her. She was not yet two years old.

When I walked into their room, she would always come to the front of the cage to greet me. I'll miss her twitchy little whiskers and pink button nose. She was a wonderful companion, and she is very loved by everyone who has had the pleasure of knowing her.

Goodbye, little friend.

Wendolyn Victoria

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