Tuesday, February 14, 2012

love is in the air

It's Valentine's Day!

Seeing as my main goal in life is to be a living cartoon character, of course I had to go all out with my neon pink wig, patterned tights and cotton candy faux fur coat. I mean, really now, could you resist these tights? I do not think so. They are adorable.

For her classmates, Autumn made cards with a classic design that I remember from my grade school days; Valentine mice (though she decided they're rats. I wonder why)! Everyone knows how to make these, right? Fold a paper heart in half...

add a face and a ribbon tail...

repeat until a horde of paper rats takes over your kitchen table.

Quick, simple and cute. She loved making cards for her friends by hand. I'm happy to see that she has such a great appreciation for handmade touches like these. It's something that has always been important to me, and I hope to pass those values on to her.

Speaking of cute and handmade, how sweet is this little guy?!

His name is Valentino, and he was made by my good friend Alexz of Spooky Pooky Creations. I won him in a giveaway she held on her Facebook page, and when he arrived in the mail I couldn't stop hugging him. Autumn attempted to steal him from me, but this little baby is all mine. No matter how old I get, I will always be a sucker for plushies, especially the handmade ones. I just adore that pouty little face.

Now I'm off to confiscate some of those Valentine's day candies Autumn got from school. You know, because too much sugar is bad for her. Not because I'm going to eat it. At all.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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