Monday, January 2, 2012


Every December 31st, I tend to make new year's resolutions that are all about less.
Spend less. Argue less. Worry less. Weigh less, and so on. There are so many things we all feel that we need to take out of our lives. So many things to subtract. But this year? This year I want to focus on more.
Cook more.

Paint more.

Glitter more.

Learn more.

Photograph more.

Laugh more.

2012 will be my year of more. Instead of listing all the things I need to take away, I'm going to devote more time to all the wonderful, joyful, creative things I can add to make life better for myself and the people I love.

Take a moment today to ask yourself what your world could use more of. Sometimes all that's missing is you.

P.S. And yes, blog more.

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